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How the Lemon Lyman Shop came to be, and What's Next?

They say necessity is the mother of invention, or in this case, creation. That being said, this site and its designs were created by a simple dad needing to dig out of a monster hole created by some unexpected emergency medical expenses, and too proud to be one of those GoFundMe stories you see people share online. Every little bit helps, and as a fan of fun tee shirts – and an even bigger fan of The West Wing – A met B and boom, the Lemon Lyman Shop came to life. It’s become a fun family project. ‘Cause a guy is walking down the street and he falls into a hole, see?

Where do you purchase your apparel and what's it like?

We’ve personally purchased a lot of fun tee shirt designs online over the years. The number of them where the design fades away after ten washes is maddening (lookin’ at you, Seinfeld shirt site). So we went on a hunt to find a top notch print provider who uses only high quality, comfortable shirts with long lasting designs and found one. We’ve used them for other projects and those shirts are still proudly holding up and more comfortable than ever, getting only softer with time.

How does your apparel stack up size-wise? What size should I buy?

That’s a little bit more of a wild card. Some people, the shirts fit exactly as they expected. Others find them a little snug. I like to politely remind people that everyone is shaped a little different, ya know? Variety is the spice of life, after all, but you know your own body best. That being said, from customer feedback over time the best I can offer is that premium women’s shirts, specifically, are quite snug and cut to be figure fitting. They are frequently reported small, so to be safe, I’d go at least a size up from what you’d normally buy unless you’re cool with a tight fit. The premium men’s shirts, not gonna lie, I suck the old belly in on Taco Tuesday a bit, because they’re designed to be flattering if you’re Sam Seaborn, but maybe not Oliver Babbish, ya know? But for the most part they’re bang on. The unisex shirts are pretty straight forward with sizing.  I go with what I normally wear when I order one of those. Hoodies are also pretty bang on, but if you want a little breathing room, go a size up to be safe.

We genuinely care about your happiness. For real.

Everything is designed from a place of being a fan of the show, and from the fun nerdiness I like to celebrate with fellow fans of the show. This isn’t some design sweatshop.

Over my career at my “real” job, branding and reputation have been paramount to our success as a team. So I genuinely care about that with this site. I’m always tweaking and fine tuning the designs, so if something is off, please let me know.

There’s a LOT of bad ones out there, but the main printer we use is one I’ve used for little community groups I’m a part of and have worn and washed the shirts a million times, and they’re still holding up. Promise it won’t wash away or unravel on you, unless you use it to wash your car or something.

I don’t believe in taking money and running. I think there’s a lot of great t-shirt sites out there, but I also know there’s a ton of crap out there run by people who don’t give a damn about the people who buy them. That’s not our style. I’ll always give 110% effort to make sure you’re happy, so please don’t be rude if you have an issue. We can solve it together!

Our most frequently asked questions

I'm a repeat customer... has Lemon Lyman Shop been sold?

No, it has not! Just re-designed, which frankly is overdue. I think we finally have a proper infrastructure in place to streamline customer inquiries and keep better track of all the moving parts.  Please use THIS FORM to contact us with your questions or needs! If all else fails, send us an email at One issue we had with the old design of the site was the emails were getting lost in space. So Gmail is where it’s at. Thanks for your repeat business and your patience if you’ve been trying to reach us!

Is shipping free for US customers?

Indeed. Shipping is free within the United States. International customers incur a shipping charge, usually $8 for the first item and $4 for each additional. Know that we hate the shipping and handling charges here, but such is the nature of the print on demand beast, and we don’t set those prices.

How long do orders take to ship?

For all orders, average production time is 2-3 days after ordering. US orders then take 3-5 days for shipping, international varies. Most orders are much faster than that! You will receive an email when you place your order and once your order ships with tracking information. If for some reason you don’t (and it’s not in your spam folder) you may click HERE to look up your order details and track your delivery.

How is COVID affecting supply and production time?

Fantastic question. We do run into inventory issues, especially with larger sizes like 3XL, 4XL and 5XL. We are doing our best to stay on top of out of stock items, but more often than not, we don’t know it’s out of stock until you let us know you haven’t received it. Crazy as it sounds, we aren’t told by our providers they can’t stock something until we go looking for it. But usually, once we know, I’m able to hunt around and find it from a different supplier OR work with you to choose a new color, etc.

Do you have a sizing chart?

Yes, we do. Know that actual sizes vary, crazy as that sounds. But you can check out the full product details here.

Do you accept returns?

Basically? No. In a print on demand model, once they print it and ship it to you, it’s yours and our provider won’t accept a return. That said, if your product has a defect or is damaged in shipping, please snap a pic of it and send it to us for a prompt replacement! Please contact us here to do so. If it’s just a matter of not fitting properly or you’re otherwise unsatisfied with your purchase, we’re happy to try and work something out to make it right, so please use the contact form to send us a message.

What are your site's terms and conditions?

  • In the event there is an issue with the printing on your shirt or some kind of defect with the shirt itself, we’re happy to replace your item or issue a refund. Contact us here.
  • In the event you accidentally choose the wrong size or a color your significant other doesn’t like on you, we unfortunately cannot accept returns or issue refunds. But we’re not irrational and will try to make it right within reason. Again, contact us above.
  • You promise to wear your new shirt regularly and represent the greatest show in the history of television.
  • You will not tempt the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing.

We'll only send you news and sales, and only occasionally. No stupid spam, promise. And we will never sell your email address.


Wally Ragsdale
Wally Ragsdale
June 26, 2021.
My wife gets me tees from here all the time Love them ☝️Order 2 sizes larger than you wear in US
Chris Butler
Chris Butler
November 12, 2020.
"It's not that I don't know how to use it, it's just that I haven't learned yet."
Monica Johnson
Monica Johnson
October 9, 2020.
Received my shirt today. It was quick and easy ordering and fast shipping. Can't wait to wear my "debate tie" t-shirt. Game on boyfriend
Michael Meachum
Michael Meachum
August 15, 2020.
I bought two short and they arrived promptly and were just like the picture. They were responsive to questions Time to go trigger some MAGAts😄
Eddie Timmons
Eddie Timmons
July 23, 2020.
Bought two. Love them both.
Dan Buck
Dan Buck
July 7, 2020.
After I received a shirt there was something about the shirt that I thought was a mistake. I emailed the shop and within an hour heard back. They mentioned that the thing I thought was a flaw was part of the design but that they agreed it looked weird. They quickly fixed the design and are sending me a new shirt. Great service!

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